Portal authentication associated with RADIUS fails on the AR


When Portal authentication is configured on the AR, you need to check whether the interface card supports NAC if an interface on the interface card is connected to authentication users. Otherwise, Portal authentication fails. Currently, the 4GE-2S, 4ES2G-S, 4ES2GP-S, and 9ES2 cards do not support the NAC function.

Other related questions:
Why does authentication fail when the RADIUS server template is correct and the AAA authentication mode is RADIUS
The possible causes are as follows: 1. The client's IP address is not configured on the server, the IP address is configured incorrectly, and the RADIUS server does not respond to authentication packets. 2. The shared keys on the AR and RADIUS server are different. 3. The user configuration of the RADIUS server is incorrect.

Why does RADIUS authentication fail when the RADIUS server template and RADIUS server are properly configured
This problem has the following possible causes: -The IP address of the router (a RADIUS client) is not configured on the RADIUS server, so the RADIUS server cannot send an authentication response packet to the router. -Different shared keys are configured on the router and the RADIUS server.

Does Portal authentication require a RADIUS server
A RADIUS server is required by external Portal authentication but not by built-in Portal authentication.

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