Connector of the 120-ohm E1 trunk cable on the MA5616


Connector of the 120-ohm E1 trunk cable on the MA5616: DB44 connector

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How to convert the U1900 E1 cable from 75-ohm to 120-ohm?
For details, see chapter 7 "Connecting the Signal Cables" in the eSpace U1980 V200R003C00 Quick Installation Guide .

How to connect the U1900 E1 trunk cables?
Each E1 link consists of two E1 lines, one for receiving and the other for transmitting data. Connect the Tx and Rx ends of the E1 cable respectively to the Rx and Tx ends of the peer E1 cable.

What are the pin assignments after conversion from unbalanced to balanced for the E1 port of the BNC connector on the U1900 unified gateway E1/T1 trunk
After the unbalanced cable of the E1 port is converted to a balanced cable, the pin assignments are as follows: BNC: RX <-->RJ45: 1 and 2 BNC: TX <-->RJ45: 4 and 5 For more information, see the Quick Installation Guide of the U1900 series unified gateway.

Can the U1980 use the 120-ohm balanced E1 cable
The U1980 supports 120-ohm balanced E1 cable access. If the cable is a 75-ohm unbalanced one, use the transfer box to convert 75-ohm unbalanced E1 signals into 120-ohm balanced E1 signals so as to meet the requirements for interconnection using the E1 trunk.

What is the resistance of the U1981 BNC connector?
75 ohm.

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