How is an online use disconnected on the RADIUS Server


The AR can disconnect online users through the RADIUS server. The RADIUS server sends a DM packet to the AR that is configured with radius-server authorization shared-key cipher xxxx. DM: The administrator can disconnect online users through the RADIUS server.

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How do I force an online user to go offline

You can run the free user-interface { ui-number | ui-type ui-number1 } command to remove a user from a specified user interface, that is, disconnect the user from the device.

This command does not take effect for the current user. For example, if the user interface of the current user is VTY 2, the free user-interface vty 2 command does not take effect and the system displays an error message.

<Huawei> free user-interface 0
Warning: User interface Console1 will be freed. Continue? [Y/N]:y

Why does RADIUS authentication fail when the RADIUS server template and RADIUS server are properly configured
This problem has the following possible causes: -The IP address of the router (a RADIUS client) is not configured on the RADIUS server, so the RADIUS server cannot send an authentication response packet to the router. -Different shared keys are configured on the router and the RADIUS server.

Why is a user not displayed as online on the RADIUS server after the user succeeds in authentication
The RADIUS server judges whether a user is online by the enabling of the accounting function rather than the success of authentication. If the user succeeds in authentication but does not perform accounting, the RADIUS server considers that the user is offline. Therefore, check whether the accounting function is correctly enabled in the scenario where the accounting function is applied.

Can ACs force Portal authentication users to go offline
This function is supported by ACs and Fat APs supporting Portal authentication.

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