Whether VRRP on the AR router supports authentication


VRRPv2 supports plain-text authentication and MD5 authentication modes. VRRPv3 does not support authentication.

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Whether the AR router supports interface backup
AR routers support interface backup.

AR router support for the VRRP feature
AR router support for the VRRP feature: All AR routers support VRRP. At present, there is no difference between AR router support for VRRP.

Do VRRP configuration and NQA configuration on an AR router conflict
On an AR router, use VRRP and NQA association to detect uplink faults and switch over between master/backup gateways. The configurations do not conflict. For details about the configuration, see the URL: Example for Configuring Association Between VRRP and NQA to Monitor the Uplink Status.

Which types of interfaces support VRRP on the AR router
Interfaces that support VRRP are as follows: Layer 3 Ethernet interfaces, VLANIF interfaces, Layer 3 Eth-Trunks, Ethernet sub-interfaces, and Eth-Trunk sub-interfaces.

Does the AR router support Portal authentication
In V200R003C00 and later versions, all AR models support Portal authentication for wireless access.

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