Parameters of the 10G GPON optical module on the MA5616


Parameters of the one-fiber bidirectional 10G GPON optical module on the MA5616 are as follows:

  • Operating wavelength: Tx: 1270 nm; Rx: 1577 nm

  • Encapsulation mode: SFP

  • Rate: Tx: 2.488 Gbit/s; Rx: 9.952 Gbit/s

  • Minimum output optical power: 2 dBm

  • Maximum output optical power: 7 dBm

  • Maximum Rx sensitivity: -28 dBm

  • Optical port type: SC/PC

  • Fiber type: single-mode

  • Transmission distance: 20.0 km

  • Overload optical power: -9 dBm

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What are the differences between a 10GBASE-LRM optical module and other optical modules
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