Why have I failed to configure priority 255 of a router in a VRRP group


In a VRRP backup group, the priority of 255 is reserved for the IP address owner and cannot be manually configured.

Other related questions:
Why do I fail to configure a sub-interface on an AR router
Before configuring a sub-interface, confirm that: - The physical interface corresponding to the sub-interface is connected properly. - The physical interface is switched to a Layer-3 interface. A sub-interface can be configured only on a Layer-3 interface that can be allocated with an IP address.

AR router support for the VRRP feature
AR router support for the VRRP feature: All AR routers support VRRP. At present, there is no difference between AR router support for VRRP.

In the VRRP group on the AR router, why the priority of 255 on a router cannot be changed manually
In the VRRP group, the priority 255 is reserved for the IP address owner by the system and cannot be configured manually.

Why does the ping to the virtual IP address of the VRRP group fail
Possible causes are as follows: -VRIDs conflict. -Pinging virtual IP addresses is disabled. Huawei firewalls enable you to ping virtual IP addresses by default. If ping virtual IP address is disabled, run the vrrp virtual-ip ping enable command.

How is the VRRP status negotiated when the same priority is set for devices in the VRRP group
When devices in the VRRP group use the same priority: If the VRRP master and slave are determined, the VRRP status is not negotiated again. If two masters exist before devices in the VRRP group exchange heartbeat packets, the VRRP status is negotiated as follows: If the source IP address of a received heartbeat packet on the local end is larger than the primary IP address of the interface, the local device switches to the Backup state. Otherwise, the local end discards the heartbeat packet and retains in Master state.

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