What modes can interfaces be backed up


Interface backup supports the master/slave and load balancing backup mode. From V200R001C01, interface backup supports the following association modes: association between interface backup and NQA, interface backup and BFD, and interface backup and routing.

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What is the default dial-up mode of the 3G cellular interface
On-demand dial-up.

Devices that can store and back up the NE database
The NE database can be stored in the following devices: the system control board, CF card, NMS server, and NMS client.

What data can be backed up in FusionInsight HD?
FusionInsight HD provides backup functions for system and user data within each component. The data mainly includes databases and configuration files for the Manager component, user information, DBService metadata, HBase user service data, and HDFS metadata and user service data.

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