Configuration of the MA5616 chassis


The MA5616 chassis has 6 slots. Slot 0 is for the control board, slots 1-4 for service boards, and slot 5 for the power board.
All service boards can be fully loaded in all the 4 slots. If the H831EIUD service board is used together with the CCUC control board, this service board can be inserted only in slots 1-2 and can be fully loaded in the 2 slots.

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What are the differences between power entry modules of CE12800 AC chassis and DC chassis
The power entry module (PEM) for an AC chassis on a CE12800 switch provides C20 sockets for C19 straight female connectors of AC power cables. The PEM for a DC chassis provides double DC power terminals for each power module.

What architecture do CE12800 switches use
What architecture do CE12800 switches use?
1. The CE12800 series switches use an orthogonal architecture design. This architecture greatly improves system bandwidth and scalability because it does not require cabling on the backplane.
2. The switching platform of the CE12800 series switches is based on a three-stage Clos architecture:
− On this Clos architecture, each switching unit connects to all the switching units of the next stage.
− The Clos architecture is non-blocking, rearrangeable, and scalable.
3. All modules of the CE12800 series switches are hot swappable, and key modules adopt redundant designs:
− Power modules support N+N or N+1 backup and have built-in fans.
− Fan modules support 1+1 backup, and each fan module has two counter-rotating fans.
− MPUs support 1:1 hot standby.
− CMUs support 1:1 hot standby.
− SFUs support N+M hot standby.

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