Does an AR support rate limiting based on network segments


On AR routers in versions later than V200R002C00, you can run the qos car command to configure rate limiting based on network segments.

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Configure rate limiting for a network segment on an AR
1. Configure an ACL to match the network segment on which the rate of packets needs to be limited. # acl number 2000 //Create ACL 2000. rule 0 permit source //Configure rule 0 to allow packets with source IP address to pass. # 2. Configure rate limiting for the data flow that matches a traffic classifier on the interface connecting to intranet users. # interface GigabitEthernet3/0/0 ip address qos car inbound acl 2000 cir 512 cbs 32000 pbs 432000 green pass yellow pass red discard //Configure traffic monitoring for packets that match ACL 2000 on the inbound interface, and specify CIR to 512 kbit/s. #

Do S series switches support time-based rate limiting on interfaces
S series switches (except S1700 switches) do not support time-based rate limiting on their interfaces. You can configure traffic policing using ACLs and traffic policies for rate limiting in a specified time range. For a configuration example, see "Example for Configuring Rate Limiting in a Specified Time Range" in To iKnow To Live Chat
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