How to limit the download rate on an AR


You can limit the download rate on an AR as follows:
1. Configure a traffic classifier.
2. Configure a traffic behavior.
3. Configure a traffic policy and bind the traffic classifier and traffic behavior to the traffic policy.
4. Apply the traffic policy to an inbound interface of the intranet.

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Units of CAR parameters
The CIR and PIR are expressed in kbit/s, and the CBS and PBS are expressed in bytes.

How to delete the rate limiting configuration from an interface
1. Log in to the web system, and choose QoS > Interface Rate Limit to access the parameter configuration page for interface-based rate limiting. On the Interface Rate Limit List toolbar, select the check box of the interface from which the rate limiting configuration is to be deleted, and click Delete. Click OK in the displayed dialog box. The rate limiting configuration is deleted from on the interface. 2. Using commands: You can also run the undo command to delete configurations from the interface to which a traffic policy is applied or the interface with rate limiting configured.

Can an AR limit P2P download
Starting from V200R005, the AR supports P2P download limiting or rate limiting on P2P download. You must purchase the license.

Configure rate limiting for P2P software download on an AR
1. Log in to the web management page. 2. Choose Security > Network Behavior Management > Basic Configuration, and select the interface to which the online behavior management is to be applied. Click Apply, and the online behavior management function is enabled. 3. Choose Security > Network Behavior Management > Advanced Configuration, and click Create on the Time Range Management page. In the Create Time Range dialog box, set parameters and set the name to workday (for reference only), and click OK. 4. Choose Security > Network Behavior Management > Basic Configuration, and click Create in the Application List area. Select FileShare_P2P in the Application Protocol area, set Control Mode and Rate, and set Repeat Time to workday. Click OK.

Configure rate limiting on the S1728GWR-4P switch
Configure rate limiting on an S1728GWR-4P switch as follows: 1. Choose Traffic > Rate Limit. 2. Select Enable in the Status column of the ports to be enabled with rate limiting. 3. Set limits for the ports. 4. Click Apply.

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