Differences between the two-port FCoE interface module and four-port FCoE interface module


Two-port FCoE VN2VN interface modules can be directly connected. They can be connected to the lossless Ethernet switches but cannot be connected to FCoE switches.
Four-port FCoE VN2VF interface modules cannot be directly connected and must be connected to the FCoE switch for use. They cannot be connected to lossless Ethernet switches. Take note of these differences when configuring the FCoE interface module.

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Differences between 10 Gbit/s TOE ports and 10 Gbit/s FCoE ports
10 Gbit/s TOE ports are connected to 10GE switches while 10 Gbit/s FCoE ports are connected to FCoE switches.

Whether the port bonding is supported for Fibre Channel host ports on OceanStor T Series storage systems
OceanStor V100R005 T series storage systems do not support the bonding of Fibre Channel host ports.

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