Impact of the inspection tool on the device performance


The inspection function uses the CLI and Shell scripts of devices to perform queries. The number of inspection items ranges from 20 to 40 depending on the device model. Therefore, the inspection function has little impact on service performance.

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Method used to install the inspection tool
For details about how to install the inspection tool, see the OceanStor Toolkit Inspection Tool Operation Guide. To download the guide, log in to the What is the inspection tool of the U1900?
You can obtain the inspection tool from the U1900 software package under the directory 02 Tools\Tools\iCheck. For details about how to inspect the U1900 using this tool, see Operation and Maintenance > Administrator Guide > Routine Maintenance > Checking Equipment Operating Status in the product documentation .

Does the U1900 have a preventive maintenance inspection tool?
The U1900 has the MainAst inspection tool. You can obtain the tool in the 02 Tools\Tools\iCheck software package of the corresponding U1900 version software.

Paths for obtaining the cloud computing inspection tool
First, obtain the FusionAccess version mapping and determine the mapping relationships among software versions. Then you can obtain the FusionAccess inspection tool in one of the following ways: 1. Visit , find the correct FusionCare product, and download it. 2. Visit the Huawei FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform at . This website provides a hyperlink to the inspection tool. 3. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 4. Obtain further help using the contact information provided on Huawei's cloud computing forum. 5. Call the 400 hotline for help.

Impact of LUN formatting on performance
If you perform read and write operations on the LUN that is being formatted, the read and write performance deteriorates.

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