How to configure rate limiting based on the SAC signature database on an AR?


The SAC signature database contains thousands of application protocols. An SAC traffic classifier defines the rule for matching packets. Users configure different SAC traffic classifiers to classify packets, and limit the rate of traffic in the traffic behavior. The traffic policy then can be applied in the inbound or outbound direction on the interface.

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Configure rate limiting based on IP addresses
You can run the qos car command in the interface view to configure rate limiting based on IP addresses.

Meaning of application protocols in the SAC signature database
You can run the display sa application-list command to view all application protocols in the current SAC signature database. The Description field in the command output indicates the detailed description of application protocols, from which you can know the meaning of application protocols.

How to upgrade the SAC signature database on an AR

The signature database file and system software are separated on Huawei devices. So the signature database file can be loaded and upgraded without affecting normal operation of other services. By default, the signature database file is named sacrule.dat, and it cannot be changed. To upgrade the signature database, contact Huawei local offices or engineers.
Note: There must be an interval of at least 20 seconds between running the sac enable signature and sac update signature commands. When specifying the name of a signature database, enter the complete path and file name to ensure that the configuration can be restored. The signature database file must use .dat as the file name extension. When the sac update signature command is run multiple times to update the signature database file, only the last configuration takes effect.
An example is as follows:
[Huawei] sac update signature flash:/sacrule.dat
Info: The SAC signature lib update successful.

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