DeviceManager browser compatibility


The browsers supported by DeviceManager vary with operating systems.
DeviceManager running on Windows 7 Professional for x86/x64 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition SP1 for x64 supports the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 9 to 11
Firefox 24 to 28
Chrome 27 to 35

DeviceManager running on Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions supports the following browsers:
Safari 5.5 to 8.0

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Browser versions compatible with the Dorado management software
For browser versions compatible with the Dorado management software, see: Logging In to the DeviceManager.

Introduction to DeviceManager Demo
To meet increasing requirements for the training on the operation and management of Huawei storage systems, Huawei develops OceanStor DeviceManager Demo, which provides a simulation environment for customers to enhance their understanding about Huawei storage systems.

Difference between DeviceManager Demo and DeviceManager in actual application scenarios
Data provided by DeviceManager Demo is generated in simulated scenarios and can be queried and operated in Demo. However, the operation results may be different from those in actual application scenarios.

Installing DeviceManager Demo
The steps to install DeviceManager Demo are as follows: 1. Double-click the Demo installation file DeviceManagerDemoforXXX.exe to install the Demo. XXX indicates the product name. The welcome page of the installation wizard is displayed. 2. Click Next. The preparation page of the installation wizard is displayed. 3. Click Install. The system starts to install the Demo and the finish page will be displayed after the installation is complete. 4. Click Finish to complete the Demo installation.

Logging in to DeviceManager Demo
The steps to log in to DeviceManager Demo are as follows: Open a web browser, and enter https://localhost:8088/ and https://IP:8088/ in the address box. The browser displays a message indicating a security certificate problem. The following uses Window Internet Explorer as an example. Click Continue to this website (not recommended). The Demo login page is displayed. On the Demo login page, click Log In. The user name and password have been set for this Demo. You do not need to enter the user name and password upon the login. The dashboard page is displayed.

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