How does V3 series enable load balancing?


The OceanStor V3 series achieves load balancing using:
1. Controllers
3. Smart series advanced features

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Do ERPS-enabled S series switches support load balancing
For S series switches, one or two ERPS rings can be configured over a physical ring. Different protected instances are configured for ERPS rings. Each blocked port only takes effect for VLANs protected by the local ERPS ring. Data of different VLANs is transmitted through different paths, implementing traffic load balancing and link backup.

Load balancing of the OceanStor T series
The OceanStor T Series achieves load balancing using: - Controllers - RAID - SmartCache

Load and run a patch
Before loading a patch to a switch, upload the correct and valid patch package to the root directory (Flash:/) of the storage medium on the switch. Method 1: Load and then run the patch. patch load patch.pat all active //Load the patch in the system and then activate it. patch run all //Run the patch. Method 2: Load and run the patch simultaneously. patch load patch.pat all run //Load and run the patch.

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