Difference between the V3 storage host and mapping


A host is the virtual host created on the ISM interface and can be regarded as a logical application server. By configuring an initiator, you can establish connections between the virtual host and physical application server.
Mapping is the relationship established between a host and a created LUN for an application server to use the storage space provided by a storage device.

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Difference and relations between hosts and mappings
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For V3 series unified storage V300R001, how can I query the mapping relationship between LUNs and hosts?
For V3 series unified storage systems V300R001, you can obtain the information about LUNs and its mapped hosts from the mapping view. You can identify the corresponding relationship between storage systems' hosts and their connected application servers in the live network through parameters such as host names and host operating systems. You are advised to use a host name that is easy for you to recognize the host's corresponding application server. For details about how to view mapping views, see Viewing Mapping View Information.

Difference between V3 and 18000
The difference between the V3 and 18000 storage is as follows: The V3 storage is mid-tier to high-end storage and 18000 high-end storage provides higher performance.

Difference between T V2 and V3 storage
The difference between the V3 and T V2 storage is as follows: V3 upgrades the hardware architecture and provides new interface modules.

LUN mapping of OceanStor V3 storage systems
After a host group and a LUN group are added to a mapping view, the application server, host group, and LUN group are logically associated. Then the application server can detect the LUN in the LUN group. For details about creating a mapping view, click Creating a Mapping View .

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