Function of V3 storage system licenses


Licenses are mainly used to dynamically control the availability of value-added features for storage systems. Generally, the price of a product is directly proportional to the features and functions provided by the product. Features can be flexibly increased or reduced based on the customers' requirements using the license mechanism, saving the customers' investment.

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Checking license functions in an OceanStor V3 storage system
You can check the license functions in the Commercial License Application Template. This document describes the functions and control items of licenses. For example, the license control items of the virtual snapshot function are HyperImage Function and Max. HyperImage Number.

VCS license status of an OceanStor V3 storage system
On the CLI, run the vxlicrep command to check the license status. If the value of the License Type parameter is PERMANENT in the command output, the license has been imported and activated successfully. Otherwise, the license was not imported. If the license is not imported, run the following command to synchronize the license: hasys -updatelic -all haclus -updatlic

DHA concept of V3 storage systems
The Disk Health Analysis (DHA) function is used to collect information about in-service hard disks, establish a hard disk database, and create an analysis model for disk health status based on the current hard disk application technologies and abundant experience data in the database. Through the analysis model, the health status of hard disks can be diagnosed. Properly using the DHA function can effectively prevent disk faults, reduce maintenance costs, and improve disk and system reliability.

Operating system types supported by V3 storage system
Storage systems support the following operating systems of application servers: Linux (including Aisanux) Windows Solaris HP-UX AIX XenServer Mac OS X VMware ESX

Method used to obtain software and version documents of OceanStor V3 products
To obtain software and version documents of OceanStor V3 products, including the version usage guides, upgrade guides, version configuration information tables, release notes, patch installation guides, and patch descriptions, you can visit Huawei Technical Support .

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