IP SAN emerges after FC SAN and SAN refers to FC SAN by default. FC SAN uses Fibre Channel for networking and IP SAN uses the IP protocol for networking. IP SAN is more cost-efficient and flexibly scalable than FC SAN. As IP SAN is based on mature Ethernet with easy configuration and low costs, servers or PCs can access and share large-capacity storage space as long as they have NICs. Because IP SAN is based on the IP protocol and can accommodate all components in the IP protocol network, users can create an actual SAN network anywhere they want without the need for a dedicated Fiber Channel network to transfer data between servers and storage devices. In addition, data can be transmitted over Ethernet as IP SAN uses standard TCP/IP, breaking the limit of transmission distance. IP SAN is a good choice of the customers who have a tight budget and the scenarios that have moderate service traffic.

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Storage area network (SAN) is a high-speed network that incorporates storage devices, network connection devices, and interfaces. SAN is a storage network for data storage. Because SAN is isolated from the LAN service network, its storage data flow will not occupy service network bandwidth. In the SAN network, all data is transmitted in a high-speed and high-bandwidth network. SAN enables direct block-level storage access to physical hardware, improving storage performance and upgrade capabilities.

SAN definition
You can visit the following website to obtain SAN definition: FAQ-What is SAN

Server SAN Boot
SAN Boot allows you to start a server from an external SAN storage device running the server's OS and application software. In FC-SAN networking, you can install the server OS on a storage device and set FC-SAN start on the HBA card. After the serve starts and FC HBA card check is complete, the LUNs on the storage devices can be used by the server as local hard disks.

Whether the storage system supports the VMware ESX 4.1 application server in an IP-SAN network
About whether the S2600 V100R001 storage system supports the VMware ESX 4.1 application server in an IP-SAN network, see FAQ-Does the S2600 V100R001 support the VMware ESX 4.1 application server in an IP SAN network

Networking of OceanStor T Series unified storage
For the networking of OceanStor T Series unified storage, see Storage Journal -Typical iSCSI Networks.

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