Chunk group


Chunk group, CKG for short, is a logical set of chunks on different disks. A chunk group has the properties of a RAID group. For details, see Basic Storage Principles.

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Chunks, CKs for short, are consecutive physical spaces of a fixed size on a disk. For details, see Basic Storage Principles.

The reason why the size of a chunk for OceanStor 9000 is 4 GB
If the size of a file is larger than 4 GB, the file will be split for the first time. If the size of a file is smaller than 4 GB, the file will not be split at the chunk level. Data slices and storage are achieved based on the strip depth.

What is an AS group
An AS group consists of a collection of instances that apply to the same scenario. It is the basis for enabling or disabling AS policies and performing scaling actions.

RAID group
The definition of a RAID group is as follows: A single physical disk cannot meet requirements of a large amount of data storage and data security. A RAID group serves as a large logical disk that comprises independent physical disks of the different RAID levels, providing larger storage space. Different RAID levels meet data security requirements in different application scenarios.

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