How is redirection configured on a PPPoE link


In V200R003C00 and later versions, run the redirect interface command and specify the dialer interface for redirection.

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How do I configure PPPoE authentication users
[Huawei] aaa //Enter the AAA view. [Huawei-aaa] local-user user1@system password //Create a local user and configure the login password of the local user. By default, the login password of the local user is The configured user name and password must be the same as those configured on the PPPoE client. [Huawei-aaa] local-user user1@system service-type ppp //Set the service type to PPP. Determine whether to run the domain command to configure a domain as needed. By default, the default domain exists in the system and the default domain contains the default authentication scheme. If the user name of a user does not contain the domain name, the user is added to the default domain and local authentication is performed for the user by default.

Method of configuring interface policy routing of an AR router
The roadmap of configuring interface policy routing of an AR router is as follows: 1. Configure a traffic classifier. 2. Configure a traffic behavior (redirection to a next hop or an outbound interface). 3. Configure a traffic policy. 4. Apply the traffic policy to the interface in the inbound direction. Supposed that the intranet is composed of two network segments 1.0 and 2.0, and traffic transmitted over 1.0 is redirected to China Telecom and traffic transmitted over 2.0 is redirected to China Unicom, then the configuration is as follows: # acl number 3001 rule 5 permit ip source acl number 3002 rule 5 permit ip source # traffic classifier redirect-dx operator or if-match acl 3001 traffic classifier redirect-lt operator or if-match acl 3002 # traffic behavior redirect-dx redirect ip-nexthop traffic behavior redirect-lt redirect ip-nexthop # traffic policy celvluyou classifier redirect-dx behavior redirect-dx classifier redirect-lt behavior redirect-lt # interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1 traffic-policy celvluyou inbound # For details about specific configuration cases, see the URL: Example for Configuring Interface PBR.

Configure redirection on an AR
For details about how to configure redirection on an AR, see Configuring Interface PBR. Example for Configuring Interface PBR.

How to configure redirection through the web platform on the AR
AR series routers do not support the configuration of redirection through the web platform.

PPPoE configuration on S series switch
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) provides point-to-point connections over the Ethernet, so that multiple hosts can be connected to the Internet through the same access device and users can implement access control and accounting for these hosts. For the detailed PPPoE configuration, see Example for Configuring the Device as a PPPoE Server to Allow PPPoE Users on Campus Network to Access the Internet in the S7700&S9700&S12700 Series Switches Product Documentation.

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