How is business continuity ensured when HyperMetro arbitration fails?


When the arbitration is faulty, the storage system will switch the arbitration mode to the static priority mode within 30 seconds. If the switchover is successful, services will be switched to the preferred site. If the arbitration has not been switched to the static priority mode yet and the links between arrays fail (a rare occurrence), services will be interrupted.

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When AR router as a Nat Server and network interface IP address dynamically, how to ensure the continuous NAT?
When AR router as a Nat Server and external network interface is constantly changing, the need to configure Dialer interface to ensure continuous NAT.

Can the system play the busy tone when the called party under the U1981 is busy?
When the called party under the U1900 series voice gateway is busy, the system plays the busy tone to the calling party. If the busy tone is not played, please contact Huawei after-sales engineers for help. The prerequisites for playing the busy tone are as follows: The user does not have multi-call or call waiting service rights and the user's IP phone (if used) cannot enable the call waiting function.

How can we discover the link fault between the quorum server and local storage and between that and remote storage?
On DeviceManager of arrays, alarms of links between arrays and switches will be generated. If you have configured the alarm reporting function, alarms will be reported to the data center management platform through protocols such as SNMP.

Unexpected disconnection of the OceanStor V3 HyperMetro pair
Refer to Revelations of Troublesolving cases on the right.

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