Do HyperMetro LUNs support value-added features such as snapshots and remote replication?


A LUN that has been added in the HyperMetro domain support snapshots and can function as the primary LUN in remote replication, that is, the active-active data center solution can be expanded to the 3DC disaster recovery solution. In addition, active-active LUNs are compatible with value-added features such as SmartQoS, SmartCache, and SmartTier.

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Value-added features supported by eDevLUNs
After V3 series unified storage systems use the SmartVirtualization feature to take over external LUNs and create eDevLUNs, the eDevLUNs can be used as local LUNs. The eDevLUNs support the following value-added features: snapshot, remote replication, SmartMigration, and volume mirroring, SmartQoS, SmartPartition, SmartCache, multi-tenant, and HyperMetro.

OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 value-added features
OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 provides the following value-added features: InfoEqualizer: This client connection load balancing feature enables OceanStor 9000 to intelligently distribute access requests from NFS/CIFS/FTP clients to storage nodes to improve service performance and reliability. InfoTier: This automated tiered storage (ATS) feature enables the intelligent storage and live migration of data across different storage tiers based on data access frequency. InfoAllocator: This space quota management feature limits and manages space allocation by directory.

Introduction to the Dorado HyperMetro feature
HyperMetro creates active-active relationships between two data centers so that both the data centers are running and carry the same host services concurrently. A mutual backup relationship is set up between the storage arrays in the two data centers. If the storage array in one data center malfunctions, the storage array in the other data center automatically takes over services without data loss or service interruption, improving the data center serviceability and system resource utilization.

SmartTier and other features supported by heterogeneous LUNs
Heterogeneous LUNs support HyperSnap, HyperReplication, SmartMigration, HyperMirror, SmartQoS, SmartMulti-tenant and SmartPartition. However, Heterogeneous LUNs do not support the SmartTier feature.

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