Marketing materials dedicated to OceanStor V3 products


The marketing documentation of OceanStor V3 products includes success stories, brochures, and technical white papers in brand promotion, customer communication, and bidding fields. For details, visit Marketing Materials.

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Server marketing materials
To obtain marketing documents, such as the server brochures and documents for bidding, visit

Method used to obtain OceanStor V3 product documents
To obtain documentation of OceanStor V3 products, including product descriptions, installation guides, configuration guides, and maintenance guides, you can visit Huawei Technical Support .

Certifications that OceanStor V3 products have passed
To check certifications that OceanStor V3 products have passed, you can visit Certifications .

Product specifications of OceanStor Dorado V3 Series
The OceanStor Dorado5000 V3&Dorado6000 V3P product specifications consist of the software and hardware specifications. The hardware consists of the controller enclosure and disk enclosure. The software includes the storage system software, maintenance terminal software, and application server software. For details, see: Product Specifications.

Market positioning of the OceanStor T series
Market positioning of OceanStor T Series V100R005: - Entry-level: S2200T, S2600T - Mid-range and high-end: S5500T, S5600T, SF5800T - Quasi-high-end: S6800T For details about product specifications, access

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