Whether the WWNs of external LUNs change after V3 series unified storage systems use the SmartVirtualization feature to take over the external LUNs


The WWN rules vary according to vendors. Therefore, after the local storage system takes over external LUNs and creates eDevLUNs, the WWNs of the eDevLUNs are different from those of the external LUNs. For some vendors, the WWN of an external LUN may be displayed as UUID.

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Value-added features supported by eDevLUNs
After V3 series unified storage systems use the SmartVirtualization feature to take over external LUNs and create eDevLUNs, the eDevLUNs can be used as local LUNs. The eDevLUNs support the following value-added features: snapshot, remote replication, SmartMigration, and volume mirroring, SmartQoS, SmartPartition, SmartCache, multi-tenant, and HyperMetro.

Whether services are interrupted when V3 series unified storage systems take over LUNs from devices of other vendors
An owning storage pool needs to be configured for heterogeneous LUNs. Metadata space is allocated from this storage pool. Services are interrupted during the SmartVirtualization configuration preparation, which involves connection initialization, heterogeneous LUN scanning, mapping configuration, and host service startup.

LUN mapping of OceanStor V3 storage systems
After a host group and a LUN group are added to a mapping view, the application server, host group, and LUN group are logically associated. Then the application server can detect the LUN in the LUN group. For details about creating a mapping view, click Creating a Mapping View .

Method used to expand LUNs of OceanStor V3 storage systems
For details on how to expand LUNs on the DeviceManager, and then detect LUNs on the host to identify the expanded LUNs, see Expanding a LUN .

Whether LUNs for different services of V3 series unified storage systems can contain extents of different sizes
The extent size can be set when a storage pool is created. If you want LUNs for different services to have extents of different sizes, you can create different storage pools.

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