V3 series unified storage systems' features that require licenses


The following features of V3 series unified storage systems require licenses: snapshot, clone, LUN copy, remote replication, SmartQoS, SmartTier, SmartMotion, SmartThin, SmartPartition, SmartMigration, SmartErase, SmartMulti-Tenant, SmartVirtualization, volume monitoring, SmartDedupe&SmartCompression (LUN), SmartCompression (file system), SmartDedupe (file system), SmartQuota, CIFS, NFS, SmartCache, WORM (HyperLock), and NDMP.

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Configuring the HyperMetro feature for V3 series unified storage systems
If the HyperMetro feature is configured, two data centers serve as a backup for each other. If one data center fails, services are automatically switched to the other data center without data loss or service interruption. For the procedure of configuring the HyperMetro feature, see http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/docinforeader.action?contentId=DOC1000084209&idAbsPath=7919749|7941815|21430818|21462748|21041235.

Is a license required for the 3DC feature of V3 storage products?
3DC uses the remote replication feature. When 3DC is configured, each device needs to contain the remote replication license.

RAID levels supported by unified storage systems
RAID policies (levels) supported by unified storage systems: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50

Adding remote devices for V3 series unified storage systems
See section "Adding a Remote Device" in Remote Replication Feature Guide for Block, which is available at http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/docinforeader.action?contentId=DOC1000084218&idAbsPath=7919749|7941815|21430818|21462748|21041235.

Value-added features supported by eDevLUNs
After V3 series unified storage systems use the SmartVirtualization feature to take over external LUNs and create eDevLUNs, the eDevLUNs can be used as local LUNs. The eDevLUNs support the following value-added features: snapshot, remote replication, SmartMigration, and volume mirroring, SmartQoS, SmartPartition, SmartCache, multi-tenant, and HyperMetro.

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