Multi-time-point technology


The multi-time-point technology is used in asynchronous remote replication. When each replication period starts, time slices are generated in the caches of primary and secondary LUNs. Data in the primary LUN is copied to the secondary LUN based on time slices.

Other related questions:
How do I initiate a point-to-point conference on the DP300?
On the Call screen of the DP300, you can place a call to a remote site to set up a point-to-point conference. For details, see 6.1 Initiating a Point-to-Point Conference.

Are chair control rights available in point-to-point conference?
Point-to-point conferences have no chair site. You cannot set conference control functions for the chair site.

S.M.A.R.T technology concept
Self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T) is widely used to disks to protect data security. When disks are working, the monitoring system analyzes the states of motors, circuits, disks, and heads. When an exception occurs, an alarm will be generated and automatic speed-down and data backup may be implemented.

Does an AR support point-to-point IPSec
AR routers support point-to-point IPSec.

Can point-to-point conferences be controlled by the chair
Point-to-point conferences have no chair site, so the chair site cannot be configured to perform conference control.

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