Data optimization mechanism implemented by SmartCache of V3 series unified storage systems


SmartCache only accelerates random I/O reading (4 KB to 128 KB). It copies data to SSDs every time when it reads data. It uses the LRU algorithm to delete data that is not used recently. In this manner, SSDs always store hotspot data.

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RAID levels supported by unified storage systems
RAID policies (levels) supported by unified storage systems: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50

Adding remote devices for V3 series unified storage systems
See section "Adding a Remote Device" in Remote Replication Feature Guide for Block, which is available at|7941815|21430818|21462748|21041235.

Precautions for creating a remote link for a V3 series unified storage system
The precautions for creating a remote link for a V3 series unified storage system V300R002 are as follows: 1. If a Fibre Channel network is used, set Link Type to FC. If an IP network is used, set Link Type to iSCSI. 2. If the storage systems at the two ends are of different versions, initiate link creation from the storage system with the later version. Otherwise, the link creation fails.

Functions of the intelligent acceleration module in SmartDedupe&SmartCompression
SmartDedupe&SmartCompression occupy CPU resources that are not used by other applications to compute fingerprint information, compress data, and decompress data. Therefore, if deduplication and compression are performed on more LUNs simultaneously, the impact on system performance is greater. After the intelligent acceleration module is installed, you can transfer the related operations to hardware to release system resources. It is recommended that you contact Huawei technical support to determine whether to install the intelligent acceleration module.

Configuring the HyperMetro feature for V3 series unified storage systems
If the HyperMetro feature is configured, two data centers serve as a backup for each other. If one data center fails, services are automatically switched to the other data center without data loss or service interruption. For the procedure of configuring the HyperMetro feature, see|7941815|21430818|21462748|21041235.

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