Whether other snapshots of a file system are lost after a user rolls back the file system to a snapshot


After the rollback, all snapshots created after the target snapshot will be deleted.

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Whether more snapshots can be created for a file system of a V3 series unified storage system when the snapshot count of the file system reaches the limit
When the snapshot count of a file system reaches the limit: 1. If snapshots are manually created, no more snapshots can be created. 2. If the scheduled snapshot function is configured, more snapshots can be created but the earliest snapshots will be automatically deleted.

Method used to check the snapshot data of a file system in an OceanStor V3 storage system
After creating a snapshot for a file system, you must enable the hidden directory of the snapshot to be visible. Then, you can share the snapshot to a client using the NFS or CIFS sharing service provided by the OceanStor storage system. After sharing the snapshot to a client, you can access and obtain the snapshot data generated at a point in time on the client.

How many periodic snapshots are supported by the file engine at most?
The file engine can support a maximum of 128 periodic snapshots.

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