Compatibility between Huawei UltraPath and products of other vendors


Huawei UltraPath is incompatible with other vendors' array products.

Other related questions:
Can Huawei WLAN devices be connected to devices from other vendors
Huawei WLAN devices can be connected to devices from other vendors, such as AeroScout location servers. Currently, Huawei ACs cannot manage APs from other vendors. For more information about Huawei WLAN products, see Huawei CloudCampus Solution. You can also call Huawei's customer service hotline to contact pre-sales personnel.

Whether sFlow for S series switches is compatible with protocols of other vendors
NetFlow is other vendor's proprietary protocol. sFlow for S series switches is not compatible with NetFlow.

Operating systems compatible with UltraPath
Operating systems compatible with UltraPath: FAQ-What operating system is compatible with UltraPath

Compatibility of Huawei storage with outsourced disks
Huawei storage devices are incompatible with the outsourced disks, the disks purchased from the market, or the disks of third-party vendors.

How can I connect Huawei MCUs to other vendors' endpoints and MCUs?
You need to perform the interconnection test before connecting Huawei MCUs to other vendor' endpoints and MCUs. The test can succeed only for certain versions with specific parameter settings. If no successful interconnection test is performed, the connection may fail.

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