Full spelling of TOE


TCP offload engine

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Full spellings of HFEC and SDFEC
HFEC is hard-decision FEC and SDFEC is soft-decision FEC. The full spellings are as follows: HFEC: high performance forward error correction SDFEC: soft decision forward error correction

Full backup
Full backup: ? For virtual disks, all data on the virtual disks is backed up. ? For VMs, all disk data and VM configuration information are backed up no matter when data were changed or backed up last time. ? For LUNs, all data of the LUNs is backed up. Full backup provides the most complete backup protection; however, full backup takes a long time and occupies a large space.

Full name of HFEC and SDFEC
HFEC means hard-decision FEC, and SDFEC means soft-decision FEC, as shown below: HFEC: High Performance Forward Error Correction SDFEC: Soft Decision Forward Error Correction

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