Recommended reserved capacity for snapshots in storage resource pools


It is recommended that you reserve 20% to 30% of the source LUN capacity for snapshots when creating storage resource pools.

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Recommended configuration for storage pools of the OceanStor V3 storage
Recommended configuration for storage pools of OceanStor V3: SAS disks - Mission critical storage: RAID 6 (8D+2P/4D+2P); - Mid-range and entry-level storage: RAID 5 (8D+1P/4D+1P) NL-SAS disks - RAID 6 (8D+2P/4D+2P) SSDs - RAID 10

Source of snapshot resource pool space of V3/T series unified storage systems and results of storage pool space being used up
The LUN snapshot resource pool uses the internal space of the storage pool. When the space usage of the storage pool reaches the high watermark, an alarm is generated. When the space of the storage pool is used up, the snapshot function is disabled. Hosts can still access LUNs to which space has been allocated. Snapshots of the file system use the space of the file system. When the percentage of space used for storing file system snapshots exceeds the preset percentage, no alarm is generated, and the available capacity of the file system is used. When the used capacity of the file system exceeds the threshold, an alarm is generated.

Snapshots Become Unavailable Because the Disk Where the Snapshot Resource Pool Resides Fails
1.Troubleshoot the failed disk by following instructions in the product documentation of VIS. 2.After the failed disk is recovered, delete its related recovery plans and protected groups. 3.Create protected groups and recovery plans again.

Recommended LUN capacity for the OceanStor V3 storage
The following configurations are recommended for different service types: - Oracle: 100 GB to 1 TB - VMWare: 2 TB to 8 TB - File system: 500 GB to 2 TB - Other service types: 2 TB

How to reduce the capacity of a Storage Pool in FusionStorage
1. On FusionStorage, choose Resource Pool > Storage Pools. The Storage Pools page is displayed. 2. Click Capacity Reduction. The Capacity Reduction page is displayed Figure 1 Capacity reduction 3. Select the servers to be removed and click Confirm. After capacity reduction is complete, the Storage Pools page is displayed, which indicates that the FusionStorage storage pool capacity is successfully reduced.

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