Whether the OceanStor V3 supports the clone function, the physical full copy, and logical copy


OceanStor V3 supports the clone function. HyperClone provides the physical full copy. HyperSnap provides consistency copies of LUNs at the snapshot point in time, considered logical copies.

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What are the differences between a full LUN copy and an incremental LUN copy?
Both copy data from the source LUN to target LUNs. Their difference is: Full LUN copy: It copies all data from the source LUN to target LUNs each time. Incremental LUN copy: When it is started for the first time, it requires an initial synchronization during which all data is copied from the source LUN to target LUNs. For subsequent times, it copies only the changed data from the source LUN to target LUNs.

Steps for encapsulating a full copy template
To encapsulate a full copy template, perform the following steps: 1. Mount the image ISO file with a CD/DVD-ROM drive. 2. In the VM's CD/DVD-ROM directory, double-click run.bat. The Desktop Cloud Image Optimization Tool window and a dialog box for selecting the clone type are displayed. 3. Select Full Copy from the Clone Type drop-down menu. To the right of Run the SysprepCmd.cmd script to encapsulate the VM OS, click Install. 4. Click Run. 5 If you see a dialog box confirming that the encapsulation was successful, click OK and do not restart the VM.

Whether the Dorado supports LUN copy
All Dorado series storage systems support the LUN copy feature.

5500 V3 LUN copy specifications
OceanStor 5500 V3 LUN copy specifications are as follows: Maximum number of LUN copies: 64 Maximum number of destination LUNs: 64 For detailed specifications, see V3R1 Latest Software Specifications.

5300 V3 LUN copy specifications
LUN copy specifications of OceanStor 5300 V3 are as follows: The maximum number of LUN copies is 64 and the maximum number of destination LUNs is 64. Specifications vary with product versions. For the latest specifications, see Software Specifications.

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