Method used by SmartErase to destroy data


SmartErase uses the overwrite function to destroy data on LUNs. SmartErase provides the following data destruction methods:
1. DoD 5220.22-M is a data destruction standard put forward by the US Department of Defense (DoD). The standard provides a software method of destroying data on writable storage media, namely, three times of overwriting.
2. For customized overwriting, a system generates data using internal algorithms and uses the data to overwrite all addresses of LUNs for specific times. The times of overwriting range from 3 to 99. The default value is 7.

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Method used to migrate data on heterogeneous LUNs of the OceanStor V3 converged storage systems
You can use the LUN migration, volume mirroring, or remote replication feature to migrate data on heterogeneous LUNs of the OceanStor V3 converged storage systems.

Methods used to improve data throughput of Kafka
Kafka adopts data disk persistency, zero-copy, batch data sending, and multi-partition creation methods to improve data throughput.

Method used to guarantee data reliability of Kafka
After a Kafka Broker receives a message, it persistently stores the message on a disk. In addition, each partition of a topic has multiple replicas stored on different Broker nodes. If one node is faulty, the replicas on other nodes can be used.

Method used to back up data on the USG6000
The methods used for backing up configuration content and restoring the configuration are as follows: 1. Back up and restore profiles using the FTP, SFTP, and TFTP servers (recommended). This method is applicable to the situation in which a large number of devices are maintained in a centralized manner. 2. If the device serves as an FTP server, you can configure the FTP server function for configuration backup and restoration without configuring FTP software. Open FTP ports cause certain potential security risks. 3. Back up the profiles on the storage server. The operation is simple and does not require other software. If the data is backed up on the same storage media, the primary and backup profiles may be damaged simultaneously. 4. The configuration data backup and restoration on the web UI is simple. You need to configure the web login in advance.

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