What's the restriction for V3 series unified storage to use the mapped network drive to mount CIFS Homedir shares in Windows?


The restrictions on mounting a CIFS share (Homedir share) in Windows are as follows:
1. If you mount CIFS shares with the same IP address (domain name or host name) in Windows, you can mount one or more CIFS shares with the same user account. However, you cannot mount the same or different CIFS shares with different user accounts.
2. If you mount Homedir shares with the same IP address (domain name or host name) in Windows, you cannot mount multiple shares with multiple user accounts.

Other related questions:
What's the restriction for V3 series unified storage to mount CIFS shares in Linux/MAC environments?
In Linux/MAC environments, you can run the mount -cifs command to mount CIFS shares. However, soft and hard links are not supported when you access files at a mount point.

What is the difference between the CIFS Normal share and the CIFS Homedir share?
The CIFS Normal share can provide a public directory for all users while the CIFS Homedir share provides each user with an exclusive directory that is named after the user and only accessible to the user. If you do not need to limit permissions on the shared directory, configure the CIFS Normal share. If you want to allow only specific users to access their exclusive directories, configure the CIFS Homedir share. In a CIFS Homedir share, a user cannot access exclusive directories of another user.

Does V3 series unified storage support CIFS sharing and NFS sharing?
V3 series unified storage supports the CIFS sharing and NFS sharing. For details about how to configure CIFS sharing and NFS sharing, see File Access and Protocols Feature Guide.

What's the CIFS share permission range that V3 series unified storage assigns to users?
In terms of assigning CIFS share permissions, a user has the maximum permission among the permissions assigned to the user and his/her user groups. CIFS share permissions in descending order are as follows: forbidden > full control > read/write > read-only.

Which Ports Must Be Opened to Access a CIFS Share?
Ports 139 and 445 must be opened to access a CIFS share.

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