Can the NFS shares of V3 series unified storage employ user names and passwords for authentication?


No, NFS shares restrict clients by client identifiers (IP addresses and network groups).

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Does V3 series unified storage support CIFS sharing and NFS sharing?
V3 series unified storage supports the CIFS sharing and NFS sharing. For details about how to configure CIFS sharing and NFS sharing, see File Access and Protocols Feature Guide.

After V3 series unified storage mounts an NFS share in Linux, can new files be created in the mount directory?
When you mount an NFS share on a client, do not first run the cd command in the CLI to enter the mount directory and then mount the NFS to the directory. Because in the case, the system will recognize the directory as the local directory and the created file will reside on the local directory. You need to mount the NFS file system to the directory first and then enter the directory.

What's the share accessing sequence when shares accessed by V3 series unified storage through CIFS have the same name as the user?
CIFS shares are queried first. If no matching information is returned, Homedir shares are queried.

What's the CIFS share permission range that V3 series unified storage assigns to users?
In terms of assigning CIFS share permissions, a user has the maximum permission among the permissions assigned to the user and his/her user groups. CIFS share permissions in descending order are as follows: forbidden > full control > read/write > read-only.

Recommended NFS version for NFS mounting on the OceanStor V3 storage

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