Data transfer paths on a multipath network


On the CLI, run the upadm command to go to the command management page. Then run the showpath command to check the path status, working status of all physical paths, path IDs, owning storage systems, owning controllers, and owning host bus adapters (HBAs).

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Can the management interfaces of AR routers transfer service data
The management interfaces of AR routers (such as the console interface, MiniUSB interface, and MEth interface) do not transfer service data. Management interfaces are used for local maintenance and management in general and cannot bear service traffic. Therefore, do not use management interfaces in networking. The reasons are described as follows: 1. The performance of management interfaces is not high enough to bear service traffic. 2. Many services cannot run on management interfaces because the processing flows of the management interface and the service interface are different. In addition, interfaces with the management mark on the panel are management network interfaces. These interfaces are the same as normal service network interfaces except for being used to load system files or configuration files in the BootROM menu.

Are the links between active-active arrays used to transfer both their heartbeat data and arbitration data?
Heartbeat links and arbitration links between active-active arrays are physically isolated and cannot share the links.

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