Data accessibility following an engine's power failure on a network where a 2-engine OceanStor V3 storage system is deployed


The back-end data of the engine cannot be accessed.

Other related questions:
Whether the HyperClone feature of the OceanStor V3 Series supports cross-engine or cross–storage system clone
The HyperClone feature does not support cross-engine clone of LUNs. The primary and secondary LUNs used for cloning must reside on the same engine.

Whether an entire disk domain fails to work if the engine of a V3 series unified storage system is faulty and if the disk domain crosses multiple engines
In this case, some disks in the disk domain can be read and written. If a host requests to access data on the faulty engine, a read/write failure message is returned.

Disk enclosure layout on OceanStor V3 storage systems
All enclosures are evenly distributed among the SAS ports. The quantity difference of disk enclosures connected to each SAS port cannot exceed one. For details about the networking, see the Huawei Storage Networking Assistant:

Whether the SmartTier feature of the OceanStor V3 Series supports cross-engine data migration
The SmartTier feature does not support cross-engine data migration.

Method used to obtain the HCNA big data learning materials
For details about courses and learning resources for Huawei HCNA big data engineers, see

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