Problem and solution when the value of a storage pool's parameter is incorrect during the upgrade of an OceanStor V3 storage system


SPC500 does not support spin-down during the upgrade. After the storage system is upgraded to SPC600, the value of the spin-down mode is set to 0 but the value is not entered when the spin-down mode is configured on the CLI. As a result, the dynamic multipathing (DMP) incorrectly judges the resolution of the value and the value cannot be identified when spin-down is executed on the CLI, resulting in nothing being displayed.
For the DMP module, by default, the modes are spin-down (the value is 1 and power-off (the value is 2). When 1 is entered, the DMP module spins down. When other values are entered, the DMP module is powered off. The DMP module is powered because 0 is entered. As a result, the Disk Out and In Events problems occur.
Reset the spin-down mode of the storage pool on the CLI. That is, specify the spin-down manner. In developer mode, run the change storage_pool spindown 0 enabled=yes auto manner=1 command to reset the spin-down mode of the storage pool. In this command, 0 indicates the storage pool ID and 1 indicates the mode is set to spin-down.

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Problem and solution when a host of an OceanStor V3 storage system cannot deliver services
Cause: The disk enclosure that encounters a power failure is a sub-group of RAID 10. Data can also be written into other sub-groups. However, if a disk enclosure encounters a power failure, the metadata logs of more than three disks are recorded. Currently, the RAID 1 group has only four disks. Therefore, the logs of a maximum of four disks are recorded. If the logs of extra three logs must be recorded, the logs fail to be recorded and an I/O failure is returned to the host. Solution: Power on the disk enclosure to solve the problem.

Method used to obtain software and version documents of OceanStor V3 products
To obtain software and version documents of OceanStor V3 products, including the version usage guides, upgrade guides, version configuration information tables, release notes, patch installation guides, and patch descriptions, you can visit Huawei Technical Support .

Recommended configuration for storage pools of the OceanStor V3 storage
Recommended configuration for storage pools of OceanStor V3: SAS disks - Mission critical storage: RAID 6 (8D+2P/4D+2P); - Mid-range and entry-level storage: RAID 5 (8D+1P/4D+1P) NL-SAS disks - RAID 6 (8D+2P/4D+2P) SSDs - RAID 10

Problem and solution when the keyboard does not work and an OceanStor V3 storage system is using the SUSE operating system
The keyboard does not work because the SCIM input method is incompatible with the Swing application program. Perform the following operations to exit the SCIM input method: 1. Click the SCIM icon in the right corner of the SUSE operating system. The SCIM management menu is displayed. 2. Click the exit button to exit the SCIM input method. Note: If you want to continue to use the SCIM input method, run the following command on the CLI to copy the SCIM configuration file to a specified path: sudo cp ~/.scim/config /root/.scim/

Method used to locate common performance problems on OceanStor V3 storage systems
Before optimizing the performance and locating the problem, you must have the current customer performance data at hand. Then, you can use the I/O path to locate the module where the performance problem occurs. Once this is complete you can locate the problem and optimize performance. For details, see Performance Problem Diagnosis .

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