Huawei NAS products


Huawei NAS storage products include OceanStor V5 series, OceanStor V3 series V300R002 and later versions, T series V100R005 and T series V200R002 (file engines are required), N8000, and 9000 series.

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What are the models of Huawei MCU products?
Currently, Huawei provides two MCU models: VP9000 series and ViewPoint 8000 series. VP9000 series MCUs: VP9660, VP9650, and VP9630; ViewPoint 8000 series MCUs: ViewPoint 8660, ViewPoint 8650, and ViewPoint 8650C.

Huawei IT product Visio icon address
To obtain the Visio icon of Huawei IT products: Method 1: Visit Huawei IT Product Graph Library: Select the desired product, and click the Visio Template tab. Method 2: Visit VisioCafe to access Huawei's IT product dedicated page:

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