Dorado6000 V3 Compatibility


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Dorado6000 V3 snapshot specifications
V3 series Dorado6000 snapshot specifications: Maximum number of snapshots: 8,192 Maximum number of source LUNs: 8192 Maximum number of snapshots supported by each source LUN: 1024 Maximum number of LUNs activated in a consistency group: 2048 For detailed specifications, see: Software Specifications.

Dorado6000 V3 cable specifications
For details about the device cables supported by the V3 series Dorado6000, see: Device Cables.

Dorado6000 V3 weight specifications
V3 series Dorado6000 weight specifications: Controller enclosure (without disks): 50 kg 2 U SAS disk enclosure (without disks): 13.3 kg 2 U SAS disk enclosure (with disks): 19.6 kg The specifications vary with product versions. For the latest specifications, see: Product Specifications.

Dorado6000 V3 component redundancy
The redundancy configurations of Dorado6000 V3 main components are as follows: BBU (3+1), power modules (1+1), fan modules (5+1), and management modules (1+ 1).

Dorado6000 V3 cabinet specifications
For Dorado6000 V3 cabinet specifications, see: Cabinet Description.

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