How to apply license for 18000v1 storage


refer to the <>|7941815|21430818|21462747|21058403|21059235|21059236|21059238|21147260

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Solution if applying for licenses on the website fails
If your application fails, send SNs of storage devices and license activation codes (LACs) to

How to apply for a license file of a value-added feature of the storage system?
1. Collect the information about Entitlement ID, Customer No., Contract No. (from the license authorization file) and ESN equipment serial number (pasted on the front panel of the controller enclosure). 2. Send an email containing the previous information to . 3. After your application is approved, a license file is sent to your email box.

Method used to apply for licenses for OceanStor T Series unified storage
Method used to apply for licenses for OceanStor T Series unified storage: Visit, click License Activation on the left of the ESDP homepage, bind orders to ESNs of specified devices following the license activation wizard, activate license files, and obtain license files for device loading. For more details, click Applying for a License.

How to apply for a U1900 license
Send the equipment serial number (ESN) and contract number (or activation code) to You can run the show license command on U1900 to obtain the ESN.

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