Units of CAR parameters


The CIR and PIR are expressed in kbit/s, and the CBS and PBS are expressed in bytes.

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How to configure CAR parameters for S series switches
When the S-series switch (except the S1700) is configured with a speed limit, you need to configure parameters such as cir cir-value and cbs cbs-value, where cir cir-value is the guaranteed rate of information, that is, the average rate that can be guaranteed. Cbs cbs-value means Commit burst size, that is, instantly through the promised burst traffic. For example, if you want to configure a speed limit of 4 Mbit / s, configure cir-value = 4 * 1024 kbit / s = 4096 kbit / s. Cbs-value is configured to be 100-200 times the cir-value. If the user does not configure cbs-value, the device will automatically specify it as the default.

Unit of rate limits for S series switches
The unit of rate limits for S series switches (except S1700 switches) is kbit/s.

OTU boards supporting CAR
Among the OTU boards, only LEX4 and LEM24 boards support CAR.

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