Huawei IT product Visio icon address


To obtain the Visio icon of Huawei IT products:

Method 1: Visit Huawei IT Product Graph Library: Select the desired product, and click the Visio Template tab.
Method 2: Visit VisioCafe to access Huawei's IT product dedicated page:

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Method of using the Visio icon
The method of using the Visio icon: The Visio icon is released in the .vss format. Before viewing and using the Visio icon library, you need to install the Microsoft Office Visio standard or professional edition. Steps: 1. Open the Visio software. 2. Click File in the menu and select Open. 3. Select the decompressed .vss file. If you want to open multiple .vss files at the same time, hold down Ctrl and select the required .vss files. Then, click Open. After opening the .vss file (mold), you can select the desired device or component icon and drag it to the drawing area. You can also adjust the size of the icon as required.

What are the models of Huawei MCU products?
Currently, Huawei provides two MCU models: VP9000 series and ViewPoint 8000 series. VP9000 series MCUs: VP9660, VP9650, and VP9630; ViewPoint 8000 series MCUs: ViewPoint 8660, ViewPoint 8650, and ViewPoint 8650C.

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