Downloading the ISM of OceanStor T Series products


The ISM has been loaded to the T series V100R005 storage system before delivery. On any maintenance terminal connected to a storage system, you can install and start the ISM by using the browser to access the IP address of the management network port on the controller of a storage system. For details about the installation environment and method, see .

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Sales of OceanStor T Series products
The intelligent Q&A system does not answer questions about product sales and channels. Contact the related personnel in the local office.

Features of OceanStor T Series products
For details about the features of the OceanStor S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T, see Product Features.

OceanStor T Series product models
The T series products include: S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T

Specifications of the OceanStor T Series products
The OceanStor S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T product specifications include the software and hardware specifications. The hardware consists of the controller enclosure and disk enclosure. The software consists of the storage system software, maintenance terminal software, and application server software. For more details, see Product Specifications (Storage Unit).

Do OceanStor T series/V3 series products support SmartCache?
OceanStor T or V3 series storage systems support the SmartCache feature.

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