Functions of the IT Product Graph Library


Functions of the IT Product Graph Library:

Huawei IT Product Graph Library provides Huawei IT product graphics through a fixed and unified web portal in various file formats, including Visio icon (.vss format), 3D effect diagram (.png format), and vector diagram (.ai format). In the pre-sales, after-sales, and R&D areas, with the Huawei IT Product Graph Library, the problem of obtaining device graphics and poor image quality is solved, facilitating product promotion, bidding document preparation, and networking solution development.
With the continuous improvement of functions, product photos will be added in the future. Stay tuned.

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Address of the IT Product Graph Library
The address of the IT Product Graph Library is:

Products included in the IT Product Graph Library
Products in the IT Product Graph Library include: Products in the IT Product Graph Library include storage, servers, cabinets, and Fibre Channel switches. Storage products include: T series, Dorado, 18000 series, 9000, and 5300 V3/5500 V3/5600 V3/5800 V3/6800 V3/6900 V3. Server products include: RH series, E9000, E6000, and X8000. In addition, common cabinets and SNS Fibre Channel switches are also included. With the launch of new products, the products in the IT Product Graph Library also change accordingly. The latest contents displayed on the page prevail.

No Graph Is Displayed
1.Select Yes in the dialog box that is displayed to prompt you to install a plug-in. 2.Restart the browser.

MIB library obtaining
You can obtain the management information base (MIB) library of Huawei storage devices as follows: Download MIB files for your products based on the product version and required functions from the following link:|1382082906220&pid=1382082906220#idAbsPath=0301_10001%7C1382082906220%7C1382608182242&ot=clk&pid=1382608182242&t=727&type=0301

Functions of the OSN 9800 products
To meet ultra-large cross-connect capacity and bandwidth requirements, Huawei launches the OSN 9800 product series. The OSN 9800 product series include the OSN 9800 U64, OSN 9800 U32, OSN 9800 P18, and OSN 9800 universal platform subracks. The OSN 9800 U64 and OSN 9800 U32 apply to the electrical layer and share boards on unified software and hardware platforms. They can interwork with optical subracks such as the OSN 9800 universal platform subracks, OSN 9800 P18, OSN 8800 platform subracks, OSN 8800 T16, and OSN 6800, to achieve WDM/OTN application.

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