Features of OceanStor T Series products


For details about the features of the OceanStor S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T, see Product Features.

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Sales of OceanStor T Series products
The intelligent Q&A system does not answer questions about product sales and channels. Contact the related personnel in the local office.

OceanStor T Series product models
The T series products include: S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T

Specifications of the OceanStor T Series products
The OceanStor S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T product specifications include the software and hardware specifications. The hardware consists of the controller enclosure and disk enclosure. The software consists of the storage system software, maintenance terminal software, and application server software. For more details, see Product Specifications (Storage Unit).

Do OceanStor T series/V3 series products support SmartCache?
OceanStor T or V3 series storage systems support the SmartCache feature.

SmartCache feature of OceanStor T series/V3 series
SmartCache is an intelligent caching technology that uses SSDs as read cache resources. This technology creates a SmartCache pool of SSDs and migrates frequently accessed random small I/Os from conventional hard disk drives (HDDs) to the high-speed cache pool. The data read speed of SSDs is much faster than that of HDDs, so SmartCache greatly shrinks the hot data response time and improves the system performance. SmartCache divides an intelligent cache pool into partitions that provide fine-grained SSD cache resources for services. Different services can share one partition or use different partitions. The partitions are isolated from each other. More cache resources can be allocated to key applications to ensure application performance. SmartCache does not interrupt existing services or compromises data reliability.

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