Specifications of the OceanStor T Series products


The OceanStor
S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T product specifications include the software and hardware specifications. The hardware consists of the controller enclosure and disk enclosure. The software consists of the storage system software, maintenance terminal software, and application server software.
For more details, see Product Specifications (Storage Unit).

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Sales of OceanStor T Series products
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Features of OceanStor T Series products
For details about the features of the OceanStor S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T, see Product Features.

OceanStor T Series product models
The T series products include: S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T

Do OceanStor T series/V3 series products support SmartCache?
OceanStor T or V3 series storage systems support the SmartCache feature.

Introduction to OceanStor T Series products
The OceanStor S2200T /S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T integrates the architecture, protocols, and platforms to meet the requirements of large databases' OLTP/OLAP, high-performance computing, digital media, and Internet operation. Key features: Provides a unified, abundant, flexible, and reliable storage system for customers. Multi-controller architecture: Scale-out expansion linearly improves performance, meeting ever-increasing service needs. Heterogeneous virtualization: Consolidates storage resources of mainstream products to manage and allocate storage resources in a flexible and unified manner. Highly reliable architecture design: The components are redundant and have no single point of failure. The components such as the controller, I/O module, and disk are hot swappable. Unified storage of file- and block-level data: SAN and NAS protocols are supported, allowing structured and unstructured data to be stored in one storage system. Industry-leading performance, unique function features, and more efficient resource usage provide users with high-performance and comprehensive solutions.

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