Is it normal that a "BBU has insufficient power" alarm is displayed on the ISM after a storage system is powered on or running for a while?


Yes. The condition triggering this alarm is that the BBU is being charged. After the BBU is fully charged, this alarm is cleared automatically.

If this alarm persists after a long period of time, replace the BBU with a new one and wait until the charging completes. If the alarm still persists, contact technical support engineers.

Other related questions:
Whether the S5000/S2600 storage system with only one power supply can be normally started after the power supply is faulty
For the S5000 storage system, if the only one power supply fails, the system cannot start up. Because when the power supply is faulty, the system cannot control the discharging of the battery through the power supply. As a result, the battery cannot work properly. From the perspective of security, the system does not allow the storage system to start. For the S2600 storage system, if the only one power supply fails, the system can still start up. Because the discharge of the BBU in the S2600 storage system is irrelevant to the power supply.

Working temperature of OceanStor V3 storage systems
5°C to 35°C when the altitude is lower than 1800 m 5�?to 30�?when the altitude is between 1800 m and 3000 m

Whether I can configure the storage system after the S2600 storage system is powered on and the BBU is being charged
The S2600 storage system can be configured under any circumstance.

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