How to use the previous LUNs after replacing a host?


To use the previous LUNs after replacing a host, do as follows:
1. After the OS is reinstalled, install corresponding drivers and HBAs for the host.
2. (Optional) For the Ethernet networking, install and configure an iSCSI initiator.
3. Connect cables according to the planned networking mode.
4. Map the previous LUNs to the host, and scan the LUNs on the host.

Other related questions:
Whether the LUN can be read and written (whether the LUN can be used during initialization)
During LUN formatting, the LUN can be mapped to the host for reads and writes.

How to use a secondary LUN in a remote replication?
In a remote replication, the secondary LUN and the primary LUN form a pair, and the secondary LUN backs up data on the primary LUN. ? By default, the secondary LUN cannot be accessed (read or written) by a host. If a request is made to access data on the secondary LUN, you can create a virtual snapshot for the secondary LUN, and then map the virtual snapshot to the host for access. ? When a primary LUN encounters a critical error and the services are interrupted, you must perform the master/slave switchover to switch the secondary LUN to the primary LUN, and then map the new primary LUN to the host for access. NOTE: For details on how to perform a master/slave switchover, choose Help > Help Topics on the ISM, and view the related help information.

How to collect the device information after a component replacement?
After replacing a component for the storage system, do as follows to collect the device information: 1. Check whether cables are properly connected. 2. Check whether the indicators of all components are in normal state. 3. Log in to the ISM, choose Event > Event Management from the main menu. In the displayed Event Management dialog box, check whether a new fault or event is generated. If yes, export and save the information about the fault or event. 4. Choose All Devices > SN_XX > Settings from the navigation tree. (SN_XX indicates the name of the storage device from which the collected information is to be exported.) In the function pane, click Export Collected Information, and export the debugging logs, configuration data, and running data according to the interface prompts.

How to restore U1900 data after the replacement of the main control board ?
Procedures to restore data after changing U19 main control board is described as follows: 1.Save and download original data,back up data.bin file; 2.After replaced main control board,restore newly installed board to old version(by upgrade or reload old version); 3.Upload data.bin backup file

Method used to format a LUN on the storage
1. The LUN must be formatted after the LUN is created on the storage device. 2. After the LUN is created on the storage device, it is automatically formatted on the storage device without manual intervention. 3. The used LUNs cannot be formatted manually.

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