What does a DST policy contain?


The DST policy contains a schedule and a file placement policy.

The schedule determines when a DST policy is carried out. The file placement policy determines a file migration condition.

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What does a tiered storage policy contain?
The tiered storage policy consists of tiered storage timetable and tiered storage migration. The former one determines when a migration policy is performed; the latter one determines under what conditions a file is migrated.

Which IVS platforms support DST?
At present, only the VCN3000 and VCN500 of V100R002C10 support DST.

Whether Huawei VCN server support daylight saving time(DST)

Meaning of xD+yP in a RAID policy
D indicates data disks and P indicates parity disks. xD+yP indicates x data disks + y parity disks.

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